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  • Rhythm Exercises

    Hi! Today I will be posting rhythm exercises using half, quarter and eight notes. Counting rhythms porperly in your music is one of the most important skills for a musician to have. As my former band director told us, "If you can count it, you can play it". With that in mind, take a look at these rhythm exercises (PDF link at the bottom of this post). These are a few simple rhythms to get you use to counting these note lenghts. Once you have these down, counting and rhythm will be that much easier for you. Happy practicing. 


  • Scales in Thirds for Guitar

    In this post I will be talking about scales in thirds. While this post is focusing on guitar, it can also apply to other instruments as well. Scales are an important part in any musicians practicing routine. There are a ton of ways to practice your scales and one way is to play them in thirds. I will be showing you two different ways to practice your scales in thirds. The first way is to walk up a third then down a step than walk up a third and so on. I will call this scale pattern "walking thirds". Walking thirds can help you make sure you have your scale patterns down solid.

  • Hello and welcome to Josh's blog!

    On this blog page Josh will be posting blogs with tips and helpful advise for his students. Some posts will only be helpful for a specific instrument, but many will apply to multiplle instruments. Feel free to come check the blog whenever you want to see if a new post is up. If a specific student could benifit from a blog, they will be told during their lesson to check it out. There will also be posts on the blog letting students know what Josh is up to outside of teaching (what he is composing and working on). 

    Welcome to the blog, and I hope you enjoy the content.