First semester music composition major

As I reach the end of my first semester here at the University of the Pacific, I think back on what I have done. The first week was really exciting! A new life, a new start and a whole bunch of new opportunities. The people were absolutely fantastic. From my fellow students, to the faculty, everyone was nice and welcoming. I truly felt at home.

Once classes started it finally felt real. It's not just a new place to live, but a new place to learn. Even with 8am classes every day, I was excited to go. Learning new things and expanding on my musicality. Being in almost all music classes (only one non music class) I was for the first time fully submerged in music. It was so wonderful! I went from being one of the top musicians at my public high school, to being just one of the crowd in an amazing music conservatory. I was so happy to be among so many great musicians. In that first week, and still today, I looked forward to growing with these great musicians and friends.

Then not even a month into the semester I had my first big event at UOP, the 24 Hour Concert! When I came to spend the night in the conservatory back in April of this year, I was told about the concert. I was told that it was this crazy event where the composers stay up all night to write a song, then in the morning they hand it off. The performers have 12 hours to practice then there a concert. 24 hours after the composers start. to compose. At first listen I thought it was crazy. "How can you compose a piece in just 12 hours?" I was convinced that I would not be participating in it my freshman year. But then September came around and I decided to try it. I was very nervous. The time came to draw the instruments at random and I felt my heart beating through my chest. I was lucky to pick a Tuba, Bassoon and Flute. I met the players shortly then was off to compose. Before the instrument drawings, we were giving a picture to help give us inspiration for our piece. I had this painting of an old western town. In the middle of the painting was a train. That gave me an idea for the piece. I was up until 4 a.m. writing! At 7 I passed the piece on to my wonderful performers and went to sleep. Then that night was the concert. I was nervous about my very first piece being performed at my new school. This was going to be the first impression I gave. My fears however were all for nothing because the concert went very well. I enjoyed all the pieces that were performed. It was another chance for me to be happy with all the great musicians around me.

The next big event was my first concert at UOP. The UOP University Concert Band concert took place in October. I had two solos and was very excited to play. Due to the immense time spent practicing the concert went very well. It was amazing to be in such a great band. Yet again I got to realize how amazing the people around me were.

The semester kept going and I had a few more concerts. One with the jazz band, and another with UCB. Meanwhile through out the semester I was also playing in the pep band. We'd play at volleyball games and basketball games. It was cool to pull out my trumpet and reconnecting with an old friend. I was really in full swing with my music!

Now the semester is closing out. It was a fantastic first semester and I look forward to the next 7!